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Marketing products on the World Wide Web is currently the fastest growing advertising media in the world. What does this mean to you as a business owner? It means that the future of your company's growth is limitless. That said, almost any web design company can create a site for you, but even the most dynamic site that draws little attention is simply an expense, not an asset. Internet New England is different because we not only design and build you a professional looking web site, but we also help you promote it.

Here is a quick summary of our design process and what you can expect from us.

Information Architecture

Services provided to help you do things right. Complete understanding of market, product and target user types. Process can include User and Focus Groups, persona creation, wireframing, competitive analysis, User Needs Matrix, etc.

User Interface Design

Build and create either prototype or work with development team to implement front end interface of web site or application.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize site for top search engines. Also can provide Search Engine Management (SEM) and campaign management. Services include creating and managing Google Analytics account, as well as Ad Words.


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